Privacy Policy

RENX will not give a subscribers contact details to another party unless the user has granted us their permission to do so.

RENX may share users information with a prospective investor, partner, financial institution or other individual or organization. The purpose of this disclosure would be to validate the users’ information and not for the commercial use of the party to whom it is being shared.

If a subscriber wishes to have their contact details removed from our records they are asked to contact us and their information will be deleted.

Electronic newsletters sent to subscribers incorporate simple instructions for how to cancel a subscription. All our correspondence to subscribers has valid email addresses and URLs.

We have implemented technologies to prevent the theft of email addresses and other contact information from our computers and databases. Unfortunately even the most robust security measures are sometimes broken and the information is stolen. Some of the most sophisticated technology in the world has been hacked. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this will not occur on our servers but we will take reasonable measures to prevent it.

It is in the best interests of RENX, its owner Squall Inc., and its affiliates to respect the privacy of our users, to abide by our own policy and to prevent vandalism and theft.

If you receive any unwanted material that you believe to be a result of providing your information to RENX please contact us.

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