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The Real Estate News Exchange (RENX) is an online news service that includes this website, its email newsletters and it also provides other associated services that are owned and operated by Squall Inc.

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  5. Subscription to a RENX email newsletter – Subscribers to RENX email newsletters agree to not distribute newsletters to other individuals and instead to direct interested parties to the RENX website where all content is published at no cost to the reader and without registration.
  6. Termination of Access – If you use RENX in any manner that is prohibited by RENX terms of use or any other RENX policies, RENX may without notice terminate or suspend your use of RENX.
  7. Changes to RENX – RENX reserves the right to change any aspect of RENX including the right to refuse or remove any content, whatever the source, at any time without any notice or liability to you.
  8. Anonymous participation – RENX requires that all users provide RENX with their real name and other information about themselves as well as a valid email address. RENX allows commenters to identify themselves with an alias. If you are not willing to comply with this policy do not use RENX.

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